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Research at the University of Pretoria (UP) is at the apex of the University’s long-term strategic plan, UP 2025, which is to be a leading research-intensive university in Africa. Equally important is the University’s international visibility and the impact of its research and innovation on socio-economic development in South Africa and in the region. UP therefore deliberately balances its focus on research and innovation and the partnerships fostered by creating an environment that is conducive to scholarly pursuits. A wide range of research and professional areas underscores the strength of UP in research and postgraduate education, and also the areas in which UP is positioned as a research leader in Africa and internationally.

UP has been home to some of Africa’s most significant leaders in research. Each year the increasing number of National Research Foundation-rated researchers is evidence of the University’s commitment to attracting and retaining researchers of the highest distinction, as well as young researchers with the potential for research excellence. It is through the sustained individual and collective actions of our researchers that UP continues to strengthen its identity as a leading research-intensive university in Africa.

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Welcome to the Faculty of Health Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences has a range of postgraduate offerings across the medical, dental and allied health professions. These programmes range from research and further specialisations to continuous professional development courses. We also offer online diploma programmes that will further your skills within the public health sector.
Message from the Dean

Welcome to the University of Pretoria! Thanks for choosing UP! The Faculty of Health Sciences is one of the largest, most diverse and most comprehensive of its kind in South Africa. The Faculty is housed on UP’s Prinshof Campus, which is a dedicated, state-of-the-art facility with some of the best infrastructure, laboratories, libraries, research facilities and healthcare system-access in South Africa.

If you choose a programme in Health Sciences at UP, you’ll earn a very high-quality degree that is internationally recognised and accredited by all relevant regulatory bodies.

Our commitment to high-quality teaching and learning support is part of THE UP WAY of doing things. This means that you will be given the support you need to graduate on time as an innovative thinker who is able to use your knowledge and skills in practical ways that will prepare you for the world beyond university.

We have systems in place to help you graduate on time, to find your first job, or to start your own business so that you can have a further positive impact on society.

THE UP WAY is our way of life, and we live it by being compassionate, caring and kind. This service to humanity is what makes our healthcare professionals some of the best in the world.

The Faculty of Health Sciences is your home if you’d like to use your knowledge and skills to be an adaptable and efficient medical or allied health professional that’s fully equipped to serve people with dignity and compassion.

So Choose UP, and we hope to see you next year!

Academic Programmes

Postgraduate programmes

Postgraduate studies in the Faculty of Health Sciences cover all categories, from diplomas through to doctoral level. Postgraduate short courses and seminars are also well attended for compliance with the requirements of Continued Professional Development (CPD).

Research Areas

Researchers at the Faculty of Health Sciences are dedicated to contributing to global health issues by focussing on Africa. Many of Africa’s healthcare challenges are closely linked to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). These goals are interconnected and the success of these are based on inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary research-driven solutions. The Faculty contributes, through collaborative research networks, to the achievement of a number of the SDGs, but most of its research is aimed at the achievement of SDG3, which focuses on Good health and well-being.

UP aims to create an enabling environment in which our postgraduate students and their supervisors can function optimally. Our supervisors provide academic guidance and mentorship to students and are key role players in the administrative efficiency of postgraduate study.

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After selecting your postgraduate programme, you will need to identify a supervisor to give you  academic support and help you achieve a high standard of research outputs during your postgraduate journey. At UP we place strong emphasis on academic excellence and innovation and strive to provide a supportive environment for all our postgraduate students to thrive.

Choosing a supervisor plays a crucial role in empowering students to become independent thinkers, skilled researchers and influential contributors in their chosen fields. Supervisors also play a pivotal role in helping students shape their research topics, refine methodologies and navigate the complex landscape of academia.

During your postgraduate studies, you have the chance to work closely with your supervisors, receiving personalised attention and guidance. This close relationship allows for constructive feedback, brainstorming sessions and the development of critical thinking skills.

If you are considering postgraduate studies at UP, rest assured that you will be embarking on an exciting journey of intellectual exploration, personal growth and professional development. By choosing UP you will have the opportunity to work alongside exceptional supervisors, collaborate with exceptional peers and make a lasting impact in your chosen discipline.

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Research That Matters


The Faculty is home to 5500 undergraduate and 1500 postgraduate students, and its research output has grown in response to the need for research that is relevant to the improvement of health and health care, and advancing medicine in South Africa, Africa and globally.

The diverse research focus areas of the Faculty are reflected on our research pages, as is our research support system.  The number of PhD graduates, postdoctoral fellows and research grants has grown substantially and we are an institution of choice for those committed to being serious health science researchers.

The Faculty is committed to increasing its research contribution to society, building on its unique identity, strengths and relevance.


Three research institutes, namely: the Institute for Cellular and Molecular Medicine; the UP Institute for Sustainable Malaria Control; and the Sport, Exercise Medicine and Lifestyle Institute, pool clusters of sub-disciplines throughout UP to produce cutting-edge research, which contributes significantly to the advancement of new knowledge in the Life, Medical and Clinical Sciences.

The Faculty hosts research centres focussed on the areas of Forensic Anthropology, Viral Zoonosis and Neuroendocrinology, Ethics and Philosophy of Health Sciences, as well as research units on Maternal and Infant Health Care Strategies, Community Orientated Primary Care and Environmental Chemical Pollution and Health. New therapies are tested in a Clinical Trials Unit.

The Faculty of Health Sciences is also a partner in three University Institutional Research Themes in Food, Nutrition and Well-being; the Management of Animal and Zoonotic Diseases; and in Genomics. The hallmark of our research remains its focus on health and health-care challenges facing South Africa and Africa, from laboratory based, cutting-edge science to finding solutions to health-care burdens.

Institutes, Centres and Units

The Faculty of Health Sciences hosts 11 Institutes, Centres or Units that produce cutting-edge research, contributing significantly to the advancement of new knowledge in the Life, Medical and Clinical Sciences.

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Postgraduate Studies at the University of Pretoria

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Funding Opportunities

As a postgraduate student or prospective student at UP, there are a number of research resources available to you to identify suitable research funding opportunities. Apart from the University, many companies and institutions offer scholarships and bursaries for postgraduate studies. The University manages a number of financial funds on behalf of institutions who provide such funding. Applications for financial assistance, bursaries or funding must be submitted concurrently while you apply for admittance to your postgraduate programme. Funding is subject to approval and availability.

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Student Voices

Sibongile Mbongo

Buisiwe Pokothoane

Postgraduate Accommodation

If you are looking for that special place you can call your home away from home, then a residence at the University of Pretoria (UP) is just the place for you. With us, you will find an environment that is conducive to working and studying hard.

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