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If you are looking for that special place you can call your home away from home, then a residence at the University of Pretoria (UP) is just the place for you. With us, you will find an environment that is conducive to working and studying hard.

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  • Asterhof

    Founded in 1926, Asterhof is the oldest female residence at the University of Pretoria.

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  • Azalea

    On the dynamic grounds of the Proefplaas, among the six male residences, stands a proud and bold ladies residence since 1991.

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  • College

    The first students at the "Transvaal University College", as it was then known, were housed in a house in Skinner Street, the Kaya Rosa.

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  • Curelitzia

    Curelitzia is a female residence on the University of Pretoria’s Prinshof Campus, which caters for students in the Health Science faculty.

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  • Hayani

    Hayani is situated on the scenic Groenkloof Campus and was built in the late 1980’s, our residences is the first and oldest female residence on the campus.

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  • Hippokrates

    Hippokrates is situated about 500m away from the Prinshof medical campus and houses more than 160 students from different backgrounds.

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  • Erica

    This is a residence with class and style. Our differences unite us because deep down inside every individual has purple blood running through her veins.

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  • House Khutso

    Since 1965, House Khutso has been home to the most vibrant, sophisticated and charismatic ladies at the University of Pretoria.

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  • House Mags

    The 26th of March 1982 saw the official opening of House Mags, a ladies residence at the University of Pretoria.

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  • House Mopane

    Mopane was established in 1969, and currently houses nearly 225 young men that share life-long friendships and fantastic memories, each leaving with a world-class degree.

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  • House Nala

    Since 1961 House Nala has been one of the best female residences at the University of Pretoria.

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  • House TAU

    Four core values stand at the heart of this male residence namely pride, brotherhood, respect and tradition.

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  • House Ukuthula

    House Ukuthula is home to the male Health Science students of the University of Pretoria.

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  • Ikageng

    We are ladies in blue and red with Libby, the ladybug as our mascot. The ladybug has a significance: so small, yet so important to our ecosystem.

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  • Jakaranda

    Jakaranda is a postgraduate mixed residence at the University of Pretoria, thus both males and females reside in the residence.

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  • Madelief

    In the buzz and vibe of Pretoria lies an enchanting garden filled with 310 Madeliefies. This unique garden, Madelief, is a home away from home.

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  • Morula Legae

    Morula Legae is one of the male residences of the University of Pretoria. Established in 1968, Morula Legae is one of the most tradition-orientated, driven and vibrant residences.

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  • Nerina

    Nerina was founded in the early forties. The residence is a home to approximately 300 young ladies who are vibrant, driven and well-rounded.

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  • OP Village

    OP Village is the student residence of the only Veterinary Faculty in South Africa. Although it is situated in the quiet suburb of Pretoria North, it is still part of the University of Pretoria.

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  • Protea Mbalenhle

    Welcome to House Protea, a mixed postgraduate residence of the University of Pretoria, and a diverse multi-cultural home for all.

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  • The Tower

    The Tower was established in 1961. We are a male residence that is rich in tradition, culture and diversity.

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  • Tirisano

    Tirisano is the ideal residence of choice for young men who are committed and dedicated to work hard, but also who have a thirst to have the time of their lives.

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  • Tuks Bophelong

    Just like the slogan says "where the life is", Tuks Bophelong is the place to be. The benefits of being in this mixed residence include the Res being literally across the road from the medical campus.

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  • Tuksdorp

    Welcome to Tuksdorp, the home of international and postgraduate students. Tuksdorp is ‘n diverse complex where a wide variety of people meet with one common goal.

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  • Tuks Ekhaya

    Tuks Ekhaya prides itself on its strong set of moral values and principles, and believes every student should have the opportunity to enjoy a full student life.

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  • TuksVillage

    TuksVillage was established in 2008 after extensive research by the University amongst students regarding their accommodation needs.

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  • Xayata

    House Xayata is a student accommodation with its own distinct history, life and culture. The name "Xayata" was founded during 2009 by residents at that time.

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  • Zinnia

    Zinnia has been making magic happen since 2003. We are not only a house, but a home to 320 beautiful pixies (our first year students) and fairies (our semis and seniors).

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